3/21/06 Added a few more pictures from Bonaire.
12/21/05 Added pictures from Barbados.
10/11/05 Added trip report from Bonaire.
7/6/05 Moved to a new server. Added guestbook.
9/12/03 Added a report from my annual Labor Day weekend trip to Florida Keys.
9/11/03 Instead of going to Bonaire, I have to "settle" for Curacao in mid-November, followed by my annual Thanksgiving/birthday trip, this time another stay on the Caribbean Explorer out of St.Martin/St.Kitts.
8/5/03 Had my second Bonaire trip cancelled - I guess I'm not meant to dive in Bonaire :-(
7/20/03 Added some pictures from my July 4th Cozumel trip.
6/8/03 Added some Flower Garden pictures to the Scuba section. This trip replaced (not even close to being equivalent though) my planned Bonaire trip that got cancelled at the last minute :-(
1/28/03 Finally added pictures from my trip on the Wind Dancer in November.
The Little Corn Island page is also complete.
I have some pictures on my Russia page - it has been there for a while but I forgot to add it to this news page.
Added a page for my planned Bonaire trip in May. Nothing much on it yet though...
9/9/02 Added a little on the Little Corn Island trip. More pictures and text still missing
6/10/02 Added a little on the Cayman trip page. I'm not done yet though - I have some UW pictures waiting to be developed.
5/20/02 Removed the "News" on the front page. The MS 150 race is over and I didn't even make it to the starting line. I was in a car accident when driving to the Velodrome in Frisco where the race was going to start. I'm ok, but my car isn't - $7200 worth of damage, all because a woman didn't look over her left shoulder when she made a left turn at an intersection while driving in the right hand lane! She didn't even use her turn signal, even though that wouldn't have made a difference - I was too close.
I have also started on my Grand Cayman and North Carolina trip pages.
2/23/02 Added a little on the MS page (Under Health) about the MS150 bike race I'm training for.
1/22/02 Added pictures from Crystal River, FL. on the Scuba->Scuba Pictures page.
1/13/02 Added pictures of Axel my little nephew.
12/2/01 Added some pictures from my Thanksgiving trip on the Caribbean Explorer. More to come.
11/4/01 Added some pictures of my little nephew Axel. More to come :-)
10/10/01 Added trip report from Cozumel, Oct 5-8, 2001
7/18/01 Added pictures from Fort Lauderdale/Tampa, FL trip, July 13-16, 2001
6/29/01 Added tripreport from Cozumel June 21-24
5/29/01 Quickly added some pictures from Panama City, FL.
5/22/01 Added some UW pictures from Key Largo on Misc. Scuba page.
5/16/01 Added some pictures from Key Largo (May 12-14, 2001) on Misc. Scuba page.
4/28/01 Added Cozumel '01 trip report.
3/5/01 Updated links page.
Added some text to Scuba page.
Added a Glivec messageboard link to CML page.
2/5/01 Changed the look of the website
Added a page for cars.
1/22/01 Changed the look of the website
1/11/01 Added more pictures from Sweden (Under "Miscellaneous Pictures").
12/29/00 Added pictures from Sweden (Under "Miscellaneous Pictures").
12/20/00 Added picture of me, Janey and Donna under "Miscellaneous Pictures".
Added some text to, and reformatted the CML page
Also celebrated my mother's birthday. I sent her a card and naturally called her today. She'll get her present when I fly to Sweden on Friday to visit my family and celebrate Christmas and New Year.
12/13/00 Added link to Gale's homepage http://www.divergal.com She just got the domain name so give her some time to get it set up...
11/28/00 Added Turks&Caicos pictures
11/17/00 Updated CML page links
11/11/00 Added some swampdive pictures from Squaw Creek Lake (Scuba->Scuba pictures)
11/09/00 Added some CML links and scubalinks (mainly videolinks)
11/08/00 Added myself to the Scubaring.
10/15/00 Added new page with miscellaneous scuba pictures.
10/14/00 Finally added a page with pictures from Cozumel in May of 2000
10/11/00 Added some pictures from last years New Year's Eve party
8/14/00 Added more CML links.
7/22/00 Added more Belize pictures. Page still under construction.
7/14/00 Added Belize pictures. Page still under construction.
7/10/00 Added CML Links and restructured page.
Added embryo of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) page.
7/3/00 Moved site to http://www.lindstroem.org.
Added CML page
1/3/00 Added a link to Jane's homepage.
10/13/99 Added some pictures to the Akumal page.
10/3/99 Added text and pictures to the Akumal page.
9/28/99 Added pictures to Isla Mujeres page.
9/20/99 Added Isla Mujeres, Akumal page(nothing on it yet) and the August 21-22 swampdives.
8/10/99 Added Jamaica pictures.
8/9/99 Added July 31-August swampdive and some new pictures to the New Mexico page.
7/15/99 New look.
Minor updates to various pages.
7/11/99 Added pictures from my trip to New Mexico, July 1-5, 1999.
6/29/99 Added pictures from the swampdive weekend, June 26-27, 1999.
6/28/99 Added story about the swampdive weekend, June 26-27, 1999. There is more to add though - Polish up the text and add pictures.
6/22/99 Added pictures from Jane's birthday party at Kathie's house.
6/14/99 Added Cozumel '99 pictures.
2/13/99 Cleaned up the HTML code a little.
1/12/99 Added LA + more pictures from Egypt
1/8/99 Added Egypt. (Not finished - just one roll of film)
11/28/98 Added navigation buttons. 
Added Argentina page. 
Moved each page+pictures to its own directory.
8/10/98 Swamp dive #5 and #6, some new pictures from Hot Springs on the Miscellaneous page.
8/1/98 Just minor stuff.
7/22/98 Added Mexico '91 page and a few pictures to the Miscellaneous page.
7/19/98 Added a picture to the Cozumel '98 page.
7/10/98 Added pictures from the Venezuela trip. Page is still not finished - missing some text.
7/8/98 Minor updates to several pages. Nothing really added.
7/6/98 Added trip to Venezuela to my travel section. It's not finished yet.